Steed Cycles

OneUp Components E-Bike Steps/EP8

  • $79.50

Eliminate dropped chains forever and add a touch of colour to your e-bike with the new OneUp Components STEPS Chain Guide. Available in 7 colours. 

The OneUp STEPS Chain Guide is lightweight and incredibly easy to install and use. The top guide has a tool-free flip feature that allows easy access to your chain for cleaning and maintenance.

Top guide pieces are available in 6 bright colours to perfectly match your OneUp Composite Pedals, Grips and EDC Lite.

Compatible with 32T to 38T chainrings. 
Weighs just 45g.


  • Shimano STEPS E7000, E8000 and EP8 compatible
  • Includes black top guide piece. 6 other colours sold separately
  • Tool-less upper guide flip
  • Install without removing your cranks
  • Mounts directly to motor
  • Single tool install and adjustment (4mm hex)
  • Black Stainless-Steel hardware
  • Patented US 10,053,188 Other Patents Pending


  • Weight: 45g 
  • Capacity: 32-38T 
  • Chainline: 5mm adjustment 
  • Mount: Shimano STEPS/EP8
  • Colour: Black top guide piece included. Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise sold separately.
  • Material: Back Plate - 7075 aluminum, Top Guide - glass reinforced thermoplastic


  • Remove top guide by removing the front top guide nut with a 4mm hex (never adjust the rear T25 bolt).
  • Set slider in the highest position
  • Hold backplate directly against Shimano motor tabs. Check for clearance between the back side of the guide and the bike frame.
  • Install mounting bolts loosely and rotate backplate until slider adjustment bolt is directly above the crank axle.
  • Torque bolts to 5Nm
  • With crankset and chain installed, use spacer shim block to measure clearance between back plate and chain
  • Determine the corresponding number of chainline shims required
  • Assemble top guide with spacers and tighten bolt to 3Nm
  • Insert a 4mm hex through the hole in the inner top guide, loosen height adjustment bolt and lower the tool onto the chain.  Torque to 3Nm to set height.