Steed Cycles

Assos Tiburu Knee Warmers

  • $59.99

Wearing them underneath your bib shorts or with a pair of cooler-weather cycling shorts allows these ASSOS Knee Warmers to keep you comfortably warm and protected in conditions ranging from cool Summer mornings to full-on Autumn or Spring rides.

BMC Racing Team Approved

Tuned to meet the demands of the BMC Racing Team, these race-tuned knee warmers are the ultimate go-to product for insulation, without bulk. Small enough to stow in your pocket when not needed, these water-resistant knee protectors offer welcome muscle coverage and protection when inclement weather comes your way.

Extremely Comfortable In The Ride Position

Fulfilling requisite ASSOS standards, these cycling essentials deploy the same performance-led textiles as found in an ASSOS Winter riding jacket and are designed to conform to the angle of the knee when in the riding position. Just what you need to get your ride started on cold-ish mornings and maybe even to extend the seasonal range of your cycle shorts into early Winter these ASSOS Knee Warmers will certainly deliver great, all-around value for money.