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Assos Habu Sock_Evo8

  • $29.99

Using soft merino wool to provide warmth in raw conditions, the habuSock cycling socks mean your feet need never be cold again.

Endure in comfort. Built to excel in early winter cycling conditions, our ASSOS Habu socks are the first step towards enjoyable cold weather cycling. Made using merino wool, the natural fibres outperform synthetic alternatives to maintain superior thermal properties even when wet and allow for comfort across a wide range of conditions. Keeping feet warm and dry, the habuSock early winter cycling socks have a lightly compressive effect and offer additional protection via a reinforced toe area. A supplementary antibacterial treatment helps them stay fresh even after repeated use.

The first step towards cold weather comfort, the high performance, cool-weather Habu cycling socks are suited to cool and wintery conditions. In dry conditions use in conjunction with a half length cover such as our tiburu toeCover, or for increased warmth and rain protection pair with a full overshoe. In extreme temperatures combine with the fuguSpeer breeze blocking socks for enhanced insulation. Left and right specific for a perfect fit.