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Shimano BT-DN110A-1 Di2 Internal Battery

  • $149.99
  • Save $75

Designed to fit cleanly and unobtrusively in seat posts and other internal mount locations, this battery is compatible with Shimano's E-Tube technology to power precise electrical shifts no matter the conditions.

  • Internally mounted, this battery can be recharged through the 3 port SM-EW90-A or the 5 port SM-EW90-F junction boxes.
  • A full charge will deliver over 1,000 miles in the worst cold weather conditions, so charging weekly is more than enough to keep you ready for any ride.
  • The 7.4 volt lithium-ion battery has no charge memory; you can leave it on charge without worry of degrading the battery. Shimano's junction box displays battery power at any time with the push of any button on the system. A light indicates green for fully charged, flashing green for 50%, solid red for 25%, and a flashing red indicates it is critically low.