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Podcast Episode 5 - Anthony Boussetta

Posted by Kim Steed on

Welcome to the Steed Cycles podcast! We're back by popular demand, and excited to be breathing new life into our podcast series this fall after a hiatus of a little over a year. It's no secret that we've been busy here at Steed Cycles HQ but we're working hard to bring you all the best stories from local athletes, industry insiders and bike geeks alike.

Anthony is no stranger to pain, and says the best way to get to the top is to hike-a-bike[/caption] Episode 5 sees Jarrad sit down with Anthony Boussetta to talk about Anthony's recent physical and mental challenges. Anthony recently completed a Triple-Triple crown on the North Shore. For the uninitiated a regular triple crown summits the North Shore's three main riding mountains - Seymour, Fromme/Grouse and Cypress. With around 3000m of climbing and around 100km in distance, the Triple Crown is no mean feat. Anthony completed not one, not two, but three Triple Crowns back to back. Tune in to find out just how he did this, why he did it, and the challenges he had to overcome.

Mental health is a seldom-discussed problem that affects many people globally - around 50% of us in fact and is something that we should be talking about more, so kudos to Anthony for openly discussing it with us. Cycling is something that for the most part is great for mental health, being outside generally promotes better mental wellbeing, but there is a a tipping point too. For professional athletes and non-professional athletes alike, it's easy to push too hard both physically and mentally and find ourselves in an unhealthy place obsessed with times, results and fitting in more rides. Sometimes it's better just to enjoy the ride for what it is. Whatever it is that you get out of cycling and however you choose to take part, we hope you enjoy the podcast. Thank you for listening.

What a difference a day makes... We're sure Anthony wasn't looking quite this chipper after three Triple Crowns[/caption]

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